Articles To Help You Lead a Healthy Life!

  • Leftovers can be a great way to build a healthy meal fast! Leftover food from last night’s dinner, especially if it’s one of your favorites, can bring the joy back around into your next breakfast, lunch, or dinner!   So how do you build a healthy meal fast...

  • In the fast paced lives we live, we need some breakfast options that can satisfy the definition of a balanced meal. Try this favorite of mine!

  • Your mood and physical energy is intimately connected to the foods and fluids you choose to consume. Place a high priority on what you eat and the benefits both mentally and physically will be apparent. One way to identify foods that enhance your mood and energy level is to keep a food diary. After meals and snacks for one week, look for patterns in your energy levels and identify food choices that are contributing positively to your energy level and mood. Ultimately, you want to eliminate foods and fluids that are draining your zest for life. Below you will find suggestions for fueling your body and brain for enhancing your mood and mojo.

  • You may be asking “why lower my cholesterol levels”? Our bodies act as combustion engines. Similar to oil in a car engine, cholesterol has a vital role in the health of our bodies. Under normal circumstances, we have systems set up that take the good cholesterol to our cells and cholesterol that is not needed is ultimately eliminated through our gut. However, excess cholesterol flowing in our blood can cause engine knocks and a clogging up of our body’s engine over time. Read about how these top 10 foods can help you naturally get rid of the excess cholesterol and clean up your body’s engine.

  • My latest favorite thing to do is to use an all natural organic coconut oil as a moisturizer! That is just one way your body can benefit from the health enhancing and healing properties of coconut oil. Explore the other 10 health benefits of coconut oil in this eye-opening article.