A Quick Hot Breakfast Option

An Egg-In-The-Hole is One of My Favorites!

Feeling like an egg breakfast would hit the spot, but need a quick option.

One favorite comfort food from my childhood comes to mind. It’s an Egg-in-the Hole.

Just take a piece of your favorite whole grain bread for the fiber fill factor and cut a hole in the center.  I use a shot glass so it’s about the size of the yolk. Using a non-stick pan, start the heat or flame on the low to low-medium level.  Place the slice of bread in the pan and crack the egg over it so the egg yolk lands in the hole. Lift the bread up just enough to  allow some of the egg white to pass through to the other side of the bread. The cooking time should be between 1-3 minutes depending upon how you like the yolk cooked. Take care in flipping the Egg-in-the-Hole after 1 minute to cook the other side. Once cooked, add salt and pepper or melt your favorite slice of cheese or cheese alternative on top. Place it on a small paper plate and take it to go. Make it your own by topping with your favorite veggies, such as thinly sliced tomato or avocado, and grab a piece of fruit as part of your balanced healthy meal to start your day!