The most powerful medicine you may be missing!

The most powerful medicine you may be missing!

On this episode of Figurefacts For Life, Roberta Jenero speaks with Valencia Ray, MD, a ‘Science with Soul’, Mind-Body physician, who has a truly holistic lifestyle approach to general health, vitality, and well-being.

‘Science’, includes leading-edge Food as Medicine and neuroscience-based mind and body therapies…that considers your ‘Soul’ – your unique human person and needs.

Her focus is on autoimmune/inflammatory diseases, thyroid disorders, menopausal hormonal balance, pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes, stress reduction, weight loss, nutrition, and lifestyle.

She has a special interest in the Mind-Body connection with professional expertise in using CBT and IFS Therapies applied when relevant – with a particular focus on anxiety, mild depression/mood, weight loss, insomnia, and assertiveness/confidence.

What is the common denominator in this mind-body connection – which is straight out of current neuroscience research? – your gut-brain connection – very important to understand! This is the path to true vibrant health, wholeness, and a thriving life – Mind, Body, and Spirit.