Figure Facts – Daily Food Diary


Track your way to fueling your body for optimal health!

Most people love to eat and wonder if what they’re eating is in line with what their body needs. Figure Facts is a company dedicated to empowering YOU to make educated food choices based on your basic nutritional needs. What’s right for YOUR body in order for YOU to achieve and maintain optimal health. Whether you’re a kid, a teenager, an athlete, a parent, a mature adult or anyone in between. It’s all here for YOU at

Learn how to fit your favorite foods into your healthy meal plan, whether you want to:

  • Lose or gain weight
  • Control your diabetes
  • Lower your risk of heart disease
  • Improve your vegetarian meal plan
  • Meet your basic nutrient needs

1 Month Subscription

This plan is highly recommended for individuals that would like to try FigureFacts before committing to a longer term.

3 Month Subscription

This plan is for the health enthusiasts who wants to track their intake to assess how their food choices add up next to their nutrient needs profile.

Also for individuals who are looking to track a particular aspect of their food intake for health reasons. Are you a Vegetarian that wants to make sure you’re meeting your protein, fat, calcium and iron needs? Is Your Cholesterol high? Track your fat and fiber intake for the next three months and keep them within the framework of your profile before your next blood test. Newly Diagnosed Type II Diabetics assess your carbohydrate, fat and fiber intake. Let go of that extra 10-24 pounds by tracking your food fuel intake-Remember flooding your body’s engine leads to storage and engine knocks overtime!

6 Month Subscription

This plan is for the recharged or newly health conscious with an extra 25-49 pounds on their frame or those at the fork in the road with health problems arising from poor food-fuel choices and an unhealthy lifestyle. We get one vehicle for getting through this life! Take the next 6 months and gradually adjust and fine tune your body’s future health by learning how much food fuel your body needs to be satisfied (including your favorite foods) without compromising your body’s engine parts.

12 Month Subscription

This plan is highly recommended for individuals that find themselves health-challenged with an extra 50 or more pounds on their frame or for those with chronic health problems that require food-fuel choice management to slow the progression and subsequent deterioration of the body’s engine.